Sonntag, 5. Oktober 2014

Dolomites ... again!

Like every year I make a trip to the Dolomites.
It´s not only the landscape that´s outstanding, there is also a dense trail and road network.
Some of them were build in the first World War at the Austrian Italien frontier.
One of the trails I rode twice this year is a real highlight:
it summens up everything that a bikeride in the Dolomites is all about!
You have an amazing scenery the whole tour, steep uphills and a good mix of singletrails.
First the uphill starts slowly on a small gravel road, gradually getting steeper - finally you have
a 20 to 30 % incline with lots of loose gravel ... After 600 m ascent you can either make a rest in a nearby hut or directly turn into a singletrail with another 200 meters of uphill.
The trail then goes up and down for quite a while beneath a 3000 m summit.
Finally you are at the highest point where a long descent starts. There a some tight switchbacks and steeper sections mixing up with faster, narrow singletrails.
What´s consistent is a amazing view!

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