Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

Last autumn

This is a video from last year, we were riding a big mountain (2680 m) in Osttirol.
On the top there was some snow and also ice passages. Altogether there are 1900 m of downhill!
But first you have to get up, 900 m mostly carrying the bike!
We were lucky to have perfect weather and thanks to Andi ( who was filming.

Silly Lines Reloaded from on Vimeo.

View from the top of the mountain:

Every time I see this mountain down from valley, I´m surprised that you can ride such a mountain!
The red marking shows the first 900 m of downhill, still 1000 m of singletrails are waiting!

Freitag, 7. Mai 2010

Time travel

A time travel from 1982 to 1994.

As an 11 year old boy I got my first race bike:
a used "Chesini" from my father.
The first picture shows me on top of the Großglockner road!

Unfortunately there is no picture from my first MTB (1984; a RWC with 15 gears).

From 1988 on for the next 4 years I had a Scott Windriver (Shimano XT with 18 gears).
With this bike I made my first attempts in the alps.
The wiggly picture shows me near the Seekofel area in Italy.

Playing around in Greece, where I worked as a Guide for 2 summers.

Last one: my time as an XC rider, getting air with my Kona Explosif steel frame.