Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

Rainy day, dream away ...

Normally I don´t do this kind of biking: trying to do a lot of miles
just to get myself in shape. Yesterday was different: I wanted to
do 3 of my hometrails in a row. So I started after midday, weather was fine
and I rode the first 500 m (difference in altitude) up in the hot sun.
A nice & flowy downhill and I went up for the next mountain. No more sun,
dark clouds everywhere and after 15 minutes it started to rain. The kind of weather
we had all the last week. Normally I would cancel the tour and head home.
This time I thought: "Now I have the real world test for my new Endura Pakajak Jacket"!
Last week Jim and his team from Endura sent some new parts, including
the eagerly awaited Pakajak Jacket. A very small & showerproof Jacket,
finding place even in the smallest rucksack! For the next 30 minutes it was raining,
making the uphill a challenge with all the wet roots. Up on the mountain the weather
was changing once again and there was a short sunny period for the downhill.
With a dirty bike, wet shoes and gloves I started the third uphill and yes: it started to rain! ...
I was surprised that I still could push myself up in a good pace.
I took the shortest way down - not only I was exhausted, also a thunder storm was closing in!
The last 15 minutes I had intense rain but it didn´t bother me as I had reached my goal!
In the end it took me 5 1/2 hours for all 3 mountains summing up to 1700 m difference in elevation.

Conclusion: The Pakajak exceeded my expectations, I couldn´t have finished my tour without
a (this rain) jacket. As I always carry a jacket with me, regardless the weather (for emergency situations),
this one helps me to save weight and packing size.

At this point I would like to thank Jim and his team at Endura!

This little fellow likes it too! ;-)