Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012


This is one of the most demanding trails in my area.
I gave him the name "Psychotrail" because there are several sections
which are a "No crash zone" because of the steepness of the mountain.
Not only a challenge to ride, also a mental challenge.
I took my 24" back wheel to slacken the headangle to be safer on the
steepest sections.

Tales from the woods

After a typical April weather here in Austria with lots of rain finally some sunny days.
So I took my camera and started filming my favorite hometrails.
As with most of my videos I´m mostly filming the slow & technical stuff because
it´s not that time-consuming as filming a fast trail and also this is the stuff I do most of the time.
This video shows 3 of the most technical trails around my area, some with handbuilt
lines over rocks and trees.

Video Crumbs

A video clip with various parts from 2011 and winter 2012.
The beginning is from autumn 2011 me riding a technical trail in the Alps.
It´s a mostly "No-Flow" trail, with lots of demanding sections.
The second part shows my kind of winter training - practicing trial moves.
First I try to learn them on the hardtail, then move to my full-suspension bike
so I`m able to ride trails like you´ve seen in the beginning.