Dienstag, 20. Juli 2010

The Duke

A long planned Videoproject from Andi was realised this Juli:
A Mountain bike trip into the heart of the Hochschwab! A mountain range near
my hometown. Johannes and myself with our bikes, Andi with a big (!) backpack full of
Video equipment. After more than 4 hours mostly carring our bikes we had a short break
at the refuge. Luckily we were fast enough to reach the top before sunset!
What a great view, a touching moment ... A sunset on a mountain is really something special!

After a short night we started filming about 5 o´clock the next day. Section after section we
rode down, Andi had to walk a lot to find the perfect spots for filming. It took us long after
midday till we reached our starting point. What a great trip, what a great experience!

And here it is:

Visiting the Duke from amotion.at on Vimeo.

some photos:
The Alpha & Omega; sunset & sunrise:

Panorama from the top:
(as with most photos: click to enlarge)