Dienstag, 2. März 2010

About me

It all started a long time ago, together with my father I bought one of the first MTB´s that were sold here in Austria (RWC, 1984).
I was racing XC, later I mounted a DH bar on my XC bike, then a Fullsuspension bike, the tires got wider
and the bikes heavier ...
More & more being fast became less important. The aim was not training to get as quick as possible,
just playing around with the bike became crucial, often doing some basic trial moves.
So for me it was a natural evolution to ride difficult trails trying not to put my foot down on the ground. It´s a kind of downhill-trial.
As I progressed in my riding techniques I was able to ride mountains
that were reserved to mountaineers before.

One of the big reasons why I enjoy biking so much is the great outdoor experience.

Biking is not only a hobby for me: since several years I work in a bikeshop.

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